Top Reasons to Stay Single

I have given up on wondering why men simply will not love me. Perhaps my former charlotte action escorts career has left its mark on me, and I am not the sort of girl when want to spend a lifetime with for one reason or another. Anyway, since I left London escorts, I have learned that there are many good reasons for a woman to stay single, so I think that is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. Sure, I do miss the company of men from time to time, but in many ways, I did have my fair share of mens’ company when I worked for London escorts.

What are the top reasons a girl from an elite London escorts would like to stay single? I think a lot of it has to do with not meeting the right men. Over the years, I have become really fussy when it comes to dating men. Not just anybody will do as luck would have it. None of the men that I have met since I left London escorts really do push all of my buttons, They are either too poor or too boring. I like my life to be exciting and this is just one of the reasons I have been single so far.

Also, I am a very independent person. That is another leftover from London escorts. When you work for a London escorts agency, you often earn really good money and you learn how to become more independent. Perhaps like so many other former London escorts, I am a little bit too independent for my own good. I don’t mind it when people help me out, but at the same time, I don’t want then to crowd me. That is often how it feels.

I guess what I really expect from a man is that he loves no matter what. But when I tell a guy that I used to work for a London escorts agency, most of them end up running a mile. They all seem to think that I am some kind of tart. I don’t look at my former London escorts career in that sort of way. To me, working for London escorts was just a job like any other job but that is something that most people can’t see at all. Spending time explaining all of that is hard work and most of the time I can’t be bothered.

There is another reason why I enjoy being single. I finally have the chance to please myself and do what I would like to do. Instead of having to do the London escorts every night, I finally have the chance to have a wide social circle and do what I would like to do. It is great and just another reason why I like to be single. One day I may meet the right man for me, but until then I am going to carry on enjoying being a single lady for what it is worth.

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